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RapidShot Hockey Training System

Regular Season 2017-2018
2017-2018 x Regular Season

RapidShot Will Take Your Game to the Next Level


What is the difference to traditional shooting practice? The RapidShot Hockey Training System can pass up to 800 pucks per hour and give feedback on every shot. There is no wasted time collecting pucks. "Skill development is necessary at all levels, but team practices often do not provide sufficient time for shooting development. Off-ice RapidShot training provides the perfect complement to on-ice practice."


Feedback And Confidence

RapidShot is the first scientifically based, systematic shooting system. It provides feedback immediately posted on the overhead computer screen, with details on every shot regarding accuracy, speed, and reaction time. Score cards are available on-line, and on the RapidShot app.  This makes RapidShot an exceptional learning and analytics tool that is self-motivating; many players call it "addicting".

RapidShot Hockey Training System

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Recent RapidShot Hockey Training System News

Fox Motors Hockey Club #1 for Growth & Retention

07/23/2017, 3:00pm EDT
By Jenn Schweigert


The recently distributed 2016-2017 Michigan Amateur Hockey Association Annual Report named Fox Motors Hockey Club as the top ranking youth hockey organization for growth and retention in 2016-2017.

This report focuses on the foundation of USA Hockey’s player base – the 8 & under age category. It examines the entry level age group at both the National and the Affiliate level for the past five seasons, as well as the past three seasons at the local association level. The objective is to help all levels of USA Hockey’s structure understand their past performance and create achievable growth goals for the 2017-18 season.  

Additionally, USA Hockey has instituted the 2 and 2 Challenge. The 2 and 2 Challenge, is a program that utilizes existing national growth programs, resources, and tools to help youth hockey leaders grow participation.  To achieve these growth goals, the 2 and 2 Challenge asks associations to add two new players and retain two additional players than the previous season’s total.   Fox Motors Hockey Club did achieve their 2016-2017 2 and 2 Challenge goals and furthermore, was recognized as the organization with the most player growth and retention for 2016-2017 for the state of Michigan.

We will continue to strive to introduce this great game to boys and girls in West Michigan as well as offer the development opportunities for hockey players of all abilities and desires, contributing to success.