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Learn to Skate

Southside Learn to Skate Levels

Snowplow Sam Basic Skills Adult
Snowplow Sam is for our new and beginner level skaters ages 3-6 years old. Snowplow Sam includes 4 progressive levels, teaching young skaters how to stand up, march forward, balance and glide. Basic skills teach the fundamentals of ice skating including forward and backward skating, stops, edges, crossovers, and turns. It includes 6 progressive levels for skaters to achieve at their own pace. All skaters 6 and older will start in our Basic Skills group. Our Adult LTS Group is for skaters ages 18 and older who want to learn how to skate and/or improve on their current skating skills. This curriculum will cover quality skating pushes, balance, edges, stopping, and more!

Summer Skating School

Beat the Heat this summer at our Summer Learn to Skate Session.  Click the link on the right for more info and registration.

Learn to Skate USA Membership

All skaters are required to pay an $18 Learn to Skate USA Annual Membership Fee in addition to  the session cost.  Payment can be made on the first day of class with the session fee.  

Your membership is valid for all Learn to Skate sessions from July 1-June 30th, and cannot be prorated per  LTS USA policy.

Southside LTS is a registered program of Learn to Skate USA to ensure our skaters are learning the best curriculum and skills in the skating community.  Membership benefits include a skating magazine subscription, world-class insurance coverage to provide peace-of-mind for all involved in the sport, online resources for parents and skaters, and other educational materials.

Learn to Skate Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect the first day of class?

Arrive 20-30 minutes early on the first day of class to be sure you are able to check-in your skater, pay for the session, get skates on, and bundled up before class.

All levels will meet their coach off ice on the first class of the session.

Parents are not allowed on the ice or in the hockey boxes during Learn to Skate. We kindly ask parents to sit in the stands during class.

What Group/Level should my skater start in?

All beginning skaters between 3 and 6 years old are placed in the Snowplow Sam Level 1 class.  All beginner skaters ages 6 and older will start in Basic Skills Level 1. On the first day our coaches will ensure that skaters are in the level that best suits their skills.

What do I wear? 

We highly encourage all skaters to wear helmets when on the ice. Helmets are required for skaters in Snowplow Sam and Hockey LTS Levels, and beginners at any level. 

Skaters are encouraged to wear layers, with a sweater or jacket, waterproof pants, gloves, and a hat/helmet.  As skaters warm up layers are often shed as the skater acclimates to the cold.  As you move through our program and into our hockey or figure skating programs the skaters may be encouraged to change attire, however that will be determined with time.  When it comes to ice skates, thin socks work best. 

What skates should I put my child in? 

If you have a new skater, we recommend figure skates for the first three sessions.  Figure skates the skater to balance a little easier when they are first starting out.  If the intention is to move the skater to hockey skates, speak with your coach to determine the right time for the transition and make sure the skater is aware of the differences between the two blades.  This will prevent frustration and will prepare the skater for success.

Skates should fit snug, we recommend one size smaller than the shoe size and thin socks or nylons are suggested.

Should I buy or rent skates?

It is advised to rent skates from the beginning. Once the skater makes the choice between hockey and figure skating, buying can then be discussed. Our coaches have a lot of experience and can point you in the right direction with the skate brand and collection.

Ask the Learn to Skate Expert

Danielle Bozio

Learn to Skate Director

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